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SPRING #18 'FREIHEIT' 29/8/2020

the 18th issue of SPRING has the topic FREEDOM (FREIHEIT). this time with stories by Maren Amini, Larissa Bertonasco, Romy Blüml, Almuth Ertl, Doris Freigofas, Moshtari Hilal, Katharina Kulenkampff, Carolin Löbbert, marialuisa, moki, Karina Tungari & Stephanie Wunderlich

order at -> mairisch

spring 18

i took part with three stories: IN DESPAIR, IN LIMBO & IN MY MIND

spring moki

spring moki

spring moki




together with my brother marco who runs STAY YANG we printed a limited edition of 50 screenprints of the characters of my graphic novel SUMPFLAND. you can order a print via mail to marco.kraft (at) gmx. net or via instagram @stay_yang_.
limited edition SCREEN PRINT of 50 – A3 (29,7x42cm) 170g/m2
signed & numbered 30euro (insured shipping 4,50euro)

postcard moki

postcard moki

the SUMPFLAND t-shirts we printed are sold out but the collaboartion shirts are still available - take a look at @stay_yang_. next time we are going to print more in small sizes for children.


half of my SUMPFLAND installation got lost during shipping to island. i had to sew a new landscape and i made new characters & masks, too. here you can watch a little homage for REPRODUKT's birthday. music is by tommes, many many thanks!

postcard moki

postcard moki

POSTCARD SET 27/12/2020

10 postcards free shipping in germany (international shipping 3e) 10euro

postcard moki



karoline bofinger was taking portraits of comic artist from berlin. her series is published in the newspaper TAZ – see all photographs on her blog: she took my photograph dressed as the character SPOOKY. the short story "SPOOKY" is pubished in the anthology SPRING – issue #17 with the topic "GHOSTS".


sppoky karolie bofinger moki portrait

spooky karoline bofinger portrait moki




so proud to get the GINCO SPOTLIGHT AWARD for my graphic novel SUMPFLAND! many thanks to reprodukt for publishing the book!


sumpfland gingco award


SPOOKY 16/10/2020

how does a character come to life? – i 'm layin in bed watching the random patterns of the wall. i can see the head of monkey. pareidolia. i'm sketching it and fall in love with the softness of the shape.


spooky evolution drawing

i want to bring it to life. i decide to draw a story with the little fellow. i continue sketching to understand who xe is and what xer story is.

spooky sketches

understanding what i want to think about i draw a storyboard and start working on the comic. xe is called SPOOKY. xe is a ghost. the story i 'm drawing on is for the #17th issuee of the spring magazine with the topic GESPENSTER (GHOSTS).

spooky evolution

i'm shaping clay to get a 3 dimentional version of SPOOKY's head in ceramic.

spooky ceramic head moki

by sewing a costume of the character everyone can turn into SPOOKY.

spooky costume

i wonder how a shadow on the wall can take a journey and transform into a story about life and death, longing and love. SPOOKY.

you can read the full comic in the #17th issue of SPRING magazine or here on my website under comic.



SPRING #17 'GESPENSTER' 18/9/2020

the 17th issue of SPRING has the topic GESPENSTER (GHOSTS). this time with stories by Anke Feuchtenberger, Mari Kanstad-Johnsen, Inga Kählke, Sarah Mazzetti, Doris Freigofas, Katharina Gschwendtner, Romy Blümel, marialuisa, moki, Nina Pagalies, Katrin Stangl, Kati Szilagyi, Larissa Bertonasco, Birgit Wehye & Stephanie Wunderlich 

order at -> mairisch


special: NIGHT-GLOW COVER!!!!

i was able to draw /paint two stories for this issue –
"SPOOKY" which questions the reason for turning into a ghost? it is dedicated to Genevièv Castrée (who died in 2016 with 35 years) & Margaret Kilgallen (who died in 2001 with 34 years) - both very talented and inspiring artists!

spooky moki

for my sequence "DEVIL'S HOLE" i have painted acrylic pictures and reworked them for the due-tone pantone publication with airbrush backgrounds.

devilshole moki




E.T. RISO PRINT 5/08/20

@bananaposterpress printed a RISO edition of 40 (25euro)
opening of the show in hamburg / germany @rfi_gallery 5th of august 2020

ET moki

with works by



GINGKO PRESS 2020 11/06/20

portrait for the GINGKO PRESS #artistathome series with my latest gingko publiscations SHELTER 2017 and HOW TO DISAPPEAR 2010 - looking forward to publish the next book with paintings (link with the interview follows)


portrait moki gingkopress artistathome



BEST GERMAN BOOKS 2020 10/05/20

very proud to announce that the book DIE WUNDERSAMEN ZWÖLF by RAE MARIZ & me is nominated by STIFTUNG BUCHKUNST as one of the best german books 2020!





BLOOM 29/03/20

2018 I started a photo series with crowns & masks out of artificial flowers and trash. I was playing around with friends & family camouflaging and wrapping up in flower-print fabrics. Watch the photos on flickr.
Many thanks to Sigrid, Thomas, Aki, Su, Nives, Christian, Doris, Nadia, Emilia, Britta, Eric, Yoichi & Ada for experimenting and playing with me!





WINNER 16/12/19

the winner of the original painting from DIE WUNDERSAMEN ZWÖLF is Ulrich S. - thank you for takeing part in the lottery!!!


die wundersamen 12




from this weekend on until the 29th of february 2020 you can find an installtion with the characters from my graphic novel SUMPFLAND (published by reprodukt in mai 2019) in the best kids-book-store in berlin: KRUMULUS at südstern in kreuzberg. next to the soft sculptures you will find many dates for kids to take part in workshops or listen to readings: check KRUMULUS website to see the manifold program:


if you have no chance to come by you can see a documentation of the show on tumlr

krumulus installation moki mioke

krumulus installation moki mioke

krumulus installation moki mioke


WINNER 15/9/19

thanks for everyone who took part in the SUMPFLAND lottery! this time the winner is ANNE K. from berlin – congratulations! if you would like to win an original drawing or painting too come to the SPRING group show in hamburg (26.9.2019 at frappant) or purchase a "die wundersamen zwölf" book and win an aye-aye painting!

lottery sumpfland




after 8 years we (rae mariz & me) are glad our book STRANGER THAN IMAGINATION - RARE FUR-COVERED BEASTS is finally published by reisedepeschen 32 pages, hardcover, 20.5 × 24.5 cm, deutsch, 16 euro, ISBN: 978-3-96348-006-5 translation by cindy ruch

win an original painting of the book (a painting study for the AYE-AYE 24x20cm acrylic on paper 2011) by ordering a signed/dedicated book at m at!
you can also buy an original painting or drawing of the book – take a look here! (PDF)


die wundersamen 12




the 16th issue of the SPRING magazine collects stories about SEX and GENDER questions. it is now available in your local bookstore and on the publishers website
you find us on instagram too!
participants of this issue are: Larissa Bertonasco, Aisha Franz, Doris Freigofas, Jul Gordon, Katharina Gschwendtner, Carolin Löbbert, marialuisa, moki, Nina Pagalies, Nadine Redlich, Katrin Stangl, Kati Szilagyi, Birgit Wehye & Stephanie Wunderlich 

i have been working on two stories:
"MUGELKENSCHEN" which is a word twist of KUGELMENSCHEN, a story by planton. this legend is mixing up with darwin's theoriy of evolution.
the second story is called "WHERE I END & YOU BEGIN" after a song by radiohead. it is paintings that deal with the idea of coming together and forming a new collective body.





interview for the REPRODUKT BLOG:

moki interview portrait



SUMPFLAND exhibition views from berlin & hamburg are online on a new tumblr site:
(the archive of exhibtions views is on flickr - all photographs before 2019)

sumpfland modern graphics


i dreamed i was a comic artist. in my story everything was connected to everything
without ever touching.




i got fantastic reviews on my graphic novel SUMPFLAND - thank you very much!
listen and read here: RBB KULTUR by andrea heinze & DER FREITAG by jana volkmann &
download the RBB RADIO audiofile (mp3 - 5 min)

sumpfland moki reprodukt




SUMPFLAND - REVIEW 2019 21/5/19

watch the book review of SUMPFLAND:




OCRE 17/5/19

i made an OCRE light for the book release at modern graphics, kastanienallee 79, berlin saturday 18.5.2019 from 18:30-20h with lottery hand sewn pillows and a drawing

ocre light head



my graphic novel SUMPFLAND is published by reprodukt!
hardcover / 168 pages on munken paper/ 2 pantone colors / german/ 20euro
For everyone who orders a book at (m (at) takes part in a lottery for an acrylic painting (more info

I'd like to thank you Dirk Rehm, Lily Wittenburg, Romy Blümel, Ada & Aki, Sascha Hommer, Arne Bellstorf, Nina Pagalies, Julius Hartung, Jesse Kraft, Christina Röckl, Thorsten Pütz, Gottfried Gusenbauer, Sabine Güldenfuß, Emma Åkerman & Yoichi

I'm dedicating this book to my brother Thomas. When we were kids we were sitting in his room reading and drawing. He said he would draw comics as an adult. I said "me too".

The novel is about complexity. Stories are woven into each other. Parallels appear, new connections are made and causality dissolves. A rhizomatic network about love & death, relationship & community, critique of the system & search for meaning. You will find abstract dancing patterns and human like characters, talking plants and dreaming giants, shape shifters, animals & smart snowflakes. Narrated trough classic panel and freely associative drawings.

for an overview click here ->

sumpfland cover moki

sumpfland overview small




for everyone how would like to take part in the soft-sculpture workshop i will do at palais populaire at the 5th of may 2019 - there are some tickets left! see here ->

reading palaispopulaire moki

workshop moki

palaispopulaire moki



BYTE FM 2019 5/3/19

the best radio station BYTE.FM asked me to paint a portrait of the band clickclickdecker for their concert folder march 2019. become a friend of BYTE.FM and support independent music culture! moki moki



my publisher house Reprodukt has announced SWAMPLAND in their magazine:


"Wie begegnet man den Herausforderungen einer komplexen und zunehmend vernetzten Welt? Gleicht unser Leben nicht manchmal einem einzigen Waten durch eine Sumpflandschaft – ein falscher Schritt genügt und man versinkt im triefenden Morast? Und ist es nicht das, wonach wir uns eigentlich sehnen? Einfach zu verschwinden und all dem zu entkommen?

In SUMFLAND verknüpft Moki viele kurze Geschichten zu einer komplexen Erzählung über Leben und Sterben, über Beziehungen und Gemeinschaft, Sinnsuche und Systemkritik. Sie entführt uns in ihre wundersame Welt, in der Tiere, Alraunen und andere Getüme lebendig sind und sich – jedes auf seine Weise – den alltäglichen Unwegsamkeiten zu stellen haben."

reprodukt frühjahr 2019 ankündigung

first version sumpfland cover



in 2012, rae mariz and i worked out an idea for a series of books about endangered animals called STRANGER THAN IMAGINATION to highlight some species so fantastical it’s hard to believe we actually share a planet with them.

we began by researching mammals, sending each other photos and facts about the wildest “rare fur-covered beasts” we could find, and choosing 11 of them to feature. rae wrote poem-like infotexts to introduce these introverts to readers young and old, and follow them on tiny narratives featuring their particular peculiarities. i painted intricate portraits of each animal in their natural environments.

these wild spaces are vanishing due to a reckless idea that humans are the only species that matter. we hope that as readers discover the wonderful creatures living right now, on this same planet, that we’ll be inspired to make sure they continue to have a place in this shared world. while we search for a publisher for this larger project, we are releasing our collaboration as a set of 12 postcards.

you can buy this postcard edition to learn and share the secrets about these rare beasts. the money will be donated to NABU for endangered animals.

10 euro including shipping in germany - mail to:m at - thank you for you support!

please check out rae mariz books and projects at her website:


detail animals

fur-covered beasts


ENKLAVEN 8/10/2018

group show with GOSIA MACHON, INGA KÄHLKE & GABRIELA JOLOWICZ at feinkunst krüger hamburg, germany. watch the show online on flickr


order the 32 pages zine via mail to m at - 2euro + shipping (just handful left)

enklaven moki

enklaven moki



comic festival hamburg 6/10/2018

installation for my upcoming comic novel SUMPFLAND at comicfestival hamburg - watch the show online on flickr


sumpfland moki font

sumpfland installation moki



rework 6/9/2018

anne bought this painting telling me it reminds her of lowetsch in bulgaria where she went to go swimming in her childhood. now she has send this photograph to share how similar the river bed 'OSAM' in looks. incredible - thank you! OSAM is called 8 because of the curved parts of the river.


painting moki riverside

painting moki riverside remake


SPRING #15 'WORK' 20/8/2018

the latest issue of SPRING presents 13 different views on the topic of 'WORK' by Larissa Bertonasco, Romy Blümel, Doris Freigofas, Jul Gordon, Katharina Gschwendtner, Friederike Hantel, Carolin Löbbert, moki, Nina Pagalies, Paula Partzsch, Katrin Stangl, Birgit Weyhe & Stephanie Wunderlich
order at mairisch:


spring 15 arbeit

spring 15 arbeit

i was drawing two short stories about my first job as a "dishwasher" and "the wall" a story about class society, social marginalisation and work!

spring 15 arbeit

spring 15 arbeit



QUART 20/8/2018

lily wittenburg and i did a contribution for "Quart", a magazine for culture from austria. i was putting 1000 paper bags with plastic parts collected from beaches in europe in the magazine. together with a card showing a painting and this text by the artist and autor lily wittenburg:


quart moki

Wir wandern auf den Fundhorizonten einer gemeinsamen Gegenwart, sie sind die Schicht die uns verbindet. Wieder und wieder auftauchende Gegenstände. Wind und Wellen verwischen die Beweise, indem sie mit Sand bedecken, was eben noch war. In diesem Reservoir schwimmend, wird es zunehmend schwieriger, Unterscheidungen zu treffen zwischen sich und dem Herzzerreißenden der Dinge. Maschinen vermögen es, Massen und Massen von Splittern im Ozean zu berechnen, aber Empathie
kalkulieren, das können sie nicht.
Abenddämmerung. Ein älterer Mann ordnet Pappkartons in einem Hinterhof, wir sehen ihn aus der Erhöhung eines Hotelzimmers. Täglich zwischen sieben und acht ist das Quadrat des Hofes sein Spielfeld. Eine Traurigkeit von hundert oder tausend Jahren Wiederholungen schwebt über ihm.
Seither gibt es für ihn nur noch zwei mögliche Beleuchtungen, Zigaretten
und Neonlicht. Leuchtreklamen. Von der Schrift strahlt ein stumpfer
Glanz ab. Gesichter ins Licht gesunken, wie in eine Flüssigkeit, gehen vorüber. Wäre nicht die Spur noch von dem Lastwagen, der die Kartons anlieferte, man könnte glauben, es seien immer die selben, die er zu Stapeln aufeinander legt.
Im Minutentakt von Wellenbewegungen trifft der Wasserschlag den Untergrund, zieht sich das Meer zurück, um eine Grenzlinie zu ziehen aus Fragmenten. Als Scherben deuten sie noch auf etwas Ganzes hin, das sich nicht mehr entziffern lässt. Von Salzen zerfressen, an den Rändern rund geschliffen und durch die Witterung in ihrer matten Farbigkeit einander gleich geworden, zeichnen sie einen Pfad, der sich aus tausend Orten zusammen setzt. Auf einigen findet sie noch eingeprägt die Aufschrift ihrer Herkunft. China, Taiwan, Bangladesh, France, Germany. Das große Zirkulieren von Minutenwaren und dann Jahrtausende des Driftens. Wenn sie auf das Wasser schaut, sieht sie eine virtuelle Wüste vor sich, für die die Dinge in ihren Händen zerbrechliche Zeugen sind. An Uferböschungen, im Gras sich zerreibende Überreste.
Die vom Wind Verlassenen in ihren Booten. Sie fragt sich, ob es überhaupt noch möglich sei, von diesem Strand als einem bestimmtem Strand zu sprechen. Besteht er doch aus Mischungen, die von so feiner Körnung sind, dass sie ins Unendliche gehen könnten. Es ist nicht mehr nachvollziehbar, welcher Partikel von woher stammte oder wer zu welcher
Welt gehört. Alles ist überall, immer, zur selben Zeit.

quart moki

moki portrait quart




‘How to find the right way in a world as complex and entangled as ours? The challenges of our time are overwhelming. It’s like navigating through a swamp—one false move and it sucks you up and swallows you in. And that is exactly what you wish for. Escape and disappearance.’ In her new comic novel, ‘Swamp Land,’ the artist Moki tries to picture this complexity, weaving stories into one other, both mysterious and visionary. This exhibition further explores the cosmos of ‘Swamp Land.’

i will present the work in progress of my new comic album "SUMPFLAND" at kulturkapelle verwalterhaus / alter st.marien st.nikolai-friedhof / prenzlauer allee 1 /berlin
open wednesday till sunday 12-20h. more informatin here: pictoplasma website


munug moki comic

watch photographs of the exhibition on flickr ->







new photographs on flickr ->


concrete drawings moki





a booklet of the comic story "the careless kind" is no available /28 pages in color / size A6 printed on matt paper / edition of 250 / 4 euro + shipping / order via mail to m at

the careless kind

the careless kind overview



i am drawing on the comic story DISHWASHER for the upcoming 15th issue of the SPRING anthology presenting works about the topic 'WORK' by 14 female artists.




i painted the poster for NEXTCOMIC FESTIVAL 2018 in austria. i will show paintings in linz and publish a new comic booklet called "the careless kind". more information ->

next comic festival 2018 moki

making of poster for next comic festival




new comic about growing up "endlich 18" for the first edition 2018 of the newspaper TAZ

TAZ moki comic

TAZ moki comic




i got featured in the finnish book VAELLUKSIA MAISEMAAN Taiteen mestarit meren äärellä
markku valkonen - pekka niemelä by John Nurmisen Säätio 2016. if you speak finnish please send a translation ;)




donation for NABU 25/12/2017

today i contributed 407 euros to the fund of the NGO 'NABU' for the protection of the oceans. i would like to thank all subscribers for the charitable donation in exchange with some handmade ocean plastic jewellery! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!



music video for LAMBERT's waiting room 20/11/2017

this music video is a tribute to LAMBERT



in 2016 i was working with the pianist and composer LAMBERT on a collaborative project:
an exchange of expressions where piano pieces transform into painting and paintings transform into piano playing. the collaboration has now been assembled. i'm happy to present the production of "SWEET APOCALYPSE". every track on LAMBERT's album goes together with a painting. the process of the this collaboration of the pianist lambert and me
was an interchange not a one-way interpretation.
see the paintings to the music pieces

i'm synaesthetic with an audio - visual perception.
the means if i listen to sounds i can see colors and shapes in front of my inner eye.
in this video i try to dance the sounds of LAMBERT's piece "waiting room"
as i feel the sounds, composition and movement in space.

LAMBERT: website - facebook - soundcloud - youtube

lambert moki waiting room

lambert video still moki



nucleus limitied edition: FOX 13/11/2017

nucleus gallery has released the green FOX painting as a limited edition of only 30 is printed on velvet fine art paper. prox. 46x54cm. you can order the prints at their website ->


nucleus print moki mioke

nucleus edition fox moki detail




soloshow at the multifunctional space PUSH IT brilon runs until the 11.nov. photos on flickr


shelter moki pushit

WP shelter moki PUSH IT


SPRING radio interview 29/7/2017

radio interview for deutschlandfunk kultur (german) -> listen here


yo, future! 2/7/2017

SPRING #14 - out now!
with works by: Almuth Ertl, Carolin Löbbert, Cynthia Kittler, Edith Carron, Eva Revolver,
Gabriela Jolowicz, Johanna Benz, Katia Fouquet, Laura Edelbacher, marialuisa, Marijpol,
moki, Paula Partzsch, Romy Blümel, Stephanie Wunderlich, Tiziana Jill Beck
preface by Lu Yen Roloff

216 pages, softcover, language: english & german, ISBN 978-3-938539-46-0, 20euro
spring website
/ order at mairisch


spring 14 yo future

spring overview selection


divers 28/6/2017

new prints available: 55 x 70cm / 115g affichen paper / signed / 10e +shipping / order here

print barbie bathtub



upcycling - ocean plastic waste 26/6/2017

i collected plastic waste on the beach. the ocean has rounded the pieces and the sun has bleached them. i love the colors! if you like to wear a brooch or necklace you can purchase the handcrafted pieces of jewellery. i will donate the proceeds to the NGO NABU. step up to make this world a better place by informing yourself about how to reduce your production of waste, clean up the mess we are creating and rethinking your habits.

you find all pieces of jewellery here - please contact me via mail

upcycling plastic waste - jewellery

upcycling plastic waste - jewellery

plastic waste brooches - upcycling

more information about and how to protect the ocean (german) - MEERESATLAS


sheet book 19/6/2017

pianist lambert released a sheet book that contains transcriptions for piano of all songs from LAMBERT's Sweet Apocalypse as well as the paintings for each song - click the pictures to take a close look on the fine publication! 72 pages order here


lambert book of music

lambert book of music



coincidence 5/6/2017

walking through the streets of berlin.. picking some magazines that someone has left.. flipping through them at home.. finding a review in 'missy magazine' from 2011 that reviewed WANDERING GHOST - smiling + one that was printed in the magazine 'brigitte'


missy magazine moki

missy magazine m

brigitte moki



collecting colors 29/5/2017

flickr collecting colors



collaboration with LAMBERT 18/5/2017

i'm proud to present a year-long collaborative project with the pianist and composer LAMBERT. an exchange of expressions where piano pieces transform into painting and paintings transform into piano playing. the collaboration has now been assembled. i'm happy to present the production of SWEET APOCALYPSE!

lambert sweet apocalypse vinyl cover

lambert sweet apocalypse vinyl cover

every track on LAMBERT's album goes together with a painting. the process of the this collaboration of the pianist lambert and me was an interchange not a one-way interpretation

LAMBERT booklet


check out two timelapse videos of LAMBERT's sweet apocalypse on vimeo:



concert & exhibition dates:
18.5.2017 resonanzraum /hamburg
19.5.2017 tolhuistuin /amsterdam
20.5.2017 silent green /berlin
22.5.2017 vortex /london
25.5.2017 porgy & bess /wien
26.5.2017 treibhaus /innsbruck
23.12.2017 elbphilharmonie /hamburg

LAMBERT: website - facebook - soundcloud - youtube


printing the 'sweet apocalypse' booklet 28/4/2017

printing the "sweet apocalypse" booklet for the upcoming LAMBERT album - watch pix


lambert sweet apocalypse printing booklet


mom artspace gängevierel 20/3/2017

watch photographs from the cardboard building workshop at mom artspace at gängeviertel hamburg ->


mom artspace gängeviertel hamburg shelter exhibition moki




nucleus portland 24/2/2017

gallery nucleus in portland/USA has released a limitied fine art print - see here


nucleus portland ocean print moki


WINNER 1/2/2017

thanks to all who took part in the raffle! winner of an original shelter painting is sabine m. the next possibility to win a painting is on the 2nd of march at the opening of the show at MOM ART SPACE gängeviertel hamburg/germany



PUSH IT 12/1/2017

wood-wallpaper cut out for the PUSH IT gallery and multifunctional space in brilon germany. an exhibition will follow in summer 2017!


PUSH IT documentary flickr moki




read SHELTER bookreviews online at WOWxWOW (eng), A5 magazine (eng) and BAUMHAUSBLOG (ger)

shelter moki


MISS HECKER 20/11/2016

if you are in berlin come to visit MISS HECKER in wedding - until the end of december you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of miss hecker and see the latest shelter paintings.
photos on flickr ->


shelter cutout




i sewed a collection of clothes, blankets or bags from fabrics with wood like patterns. i collected cloth with wood texture. i took photographs of all kinds of wood imitating surfaces as well as real wood. you will find the photographes on flickr ->

i would like to thank lena, anneli, sander, katha, lily, marco, lui, thomas, carlotta, haina, adam, rita & nives for their help - merci!

flickr photograph shelter

flickr photograph shelter



SHELTER 7/11/2016

after 6 years of work i'm proud to announce that my SHELTER book is finally printed! MARGARET MORTON has written the preface, you will find excepts from GASTON BACHELARD'S "Poetics Of Space", lyrics from OI VA VOI, an interview conducted by ANIKA HEUSERMANN and many of the paintings of the SHELTER series in a very fine artbook published by GINGKO PRESS.

everyone who orders a SHELTER BOOK until the 10th of january 2017 takes part in a raffle. the prize is an original painting on wood. the winner will be announced end of january 2017. please order by mail: m (a)

152 pages, hardcover, 25,79 x 22,6 cm, english, 29.95euro ISBN: 978-1-58423-578-1
look inside here


SHELTER book gingko press moki


watch a book review on vimeo:




anfachen award 26/9/2016

the jury of ANFACHEN AWARD has choosen 25 artist to present the WORLD OF WOMEN. this painting is one of them - read more on PAGE.


anfachen award moki

anfach award moki



from coast to coast 17/8/2016

if you are in portland you can visit the group show "from coast to coast" at nucleus gallery portland - with brooks salzwedel, dadu shin, kozyndan, paige jiyoung moon and me.


nucleus portland



painting with plastic pieces 9/8/2016

find some new photographs on flickr, an interview here as well as paintings here


plastic pieces

plastic pieces moki



HALCYON BLURR by offthesky 16/6/2016

a new sound for "recurring nightmare" by the artist jason corder aka offthesky from denver




HELP 10/6/2016

my friend RAE MARIZ and i made a book presenting rare mammal species we are about to lose for ever if we are not changing the way we live. PLEASE HELP to find a publisher, NGO or sponsor to share joy, magic and awareness with this book! send a message

>>>look inside>>>




RCP85 12/5/2016

you find some photographs of the show RCP85 in hamburg at gallery feinkunst krüger on my flickr blog -> click the pictures

flickr moki docu



postcard edition 29/4/2016

a made a postcard edition of my recent paintings
10 hand stamped motifs in a transparent paper envelope 9,90 euro
pay via paypal or bank transfer (please send a mail m at

click the picture to see all 10 motifs in high-res

postcard edition 2016



work in progress 15/4/2016

RCP85 moki


RCP85 moki



work in progress 25/3/2016



work in progress 1/3/2016

rcp85 work in progress



feature: low brow anthology 28/1/2016

gudberg-nerger published a book with artworks from the annual show 'don't wake daddy' that takes place every december at gallery feinkunst krüger in hamburg. more infos ->


don't wake daddy DWD book



work in progress 22/1/2016

i'm working on a soloshow in may 2016. it will be called RCP85 and take place in the gallery feinkunst krüger in hamburg germany. here you find a painting in progress:



past up 11/1/2016

if you are in berlin visit the gallery & bookstore NEUROTITAN. you wouldn't find this past up there - it was peeled off after a couple of days.

the careless kind past up


comic blog 23/12/2015

i relaunched the comic page as blog. you'll find studies, doodles and work in progress ->here

comic poppoff moki ton gesicht


miniature 4/12/2015

i painted a new series of paintings on annular plates. the diameter varies (11,5cm to 14cm) write a message to purchase an original painting (90 euro)

click on the image below to see which paintings are still available

miniatur moki closeup

miniatur moki


interview for wow x wow 17/9/2015

tim maclean posted an interview on the art blog wowxwow


postcard edition 10/9/2015

this is the 2nd postcard edition of my shelter series:
10 hand stamped motifs in a brown paper envelope 9,90 euro
pay via paypal or bank transfer (please send a mail m at

click the picture to see all 10 motifs in high-res


shelter postcards edition 2015


offical release SPRING 1/9/2015

today is the offical release of spring #12 PRIVEÉ - order at mairisch verlag

spring collective 2015photo: manfred bogner


spring #12 - privée 17/7/2015

the new spring magazine is coming soon! 14 artists interpret their view on 'privacy'.
i have drawn an autobiographical story. in 'strolling through kreuzberg' you will meet people with no or limited privacy here in berlin-kreuzberg: demonstrating refugees on the oranienplatz, romani people at cuvrybrache, drug addicts and dealers at kotti and homeless people living here in the streets for many years.
issue #12 with drawings from katharina geschwendtner, nina pagalies, larissa bertonasco, maria luisa witte, sophia martineck, ludmilla bartscht, carolin löbbert, katrin stangl, ulli lust, line hoven (cover artwork), stephanie wunderlich, katia fouquet, almuth ertl and me.

order at mairisch verlag


spring magazine 12 cover

spring 12 seiten moki


tiny paintings 4/6/2015

the cotton candy maschine in new york is presenting the groupshow TINY TRIFECTA on the 6th of june. i'm taking part with 3 tiny works. for everyone who can't take part i made a collection of tiny original artworks on annular plates. write a message to purchase an original painting (25 - 45 euro)

click on the image below to see which paintings are still available



tiny trifecta moki 2015



featured in neo blek & dada 19/4/2015

"wandering ghost" was featured in the islandic magazine neo blek, as well as a painting in the miyazaki issue of dada, a french magazine.

neo blek moki wandering ghost

dada miyazaki moki



"strolling through kreuzberg" 15/3/2015

the anthology spring publishes its next issue PRIVÉE in june 2015. i'm working on a autobiographical story about unsheltered people living in kreuzberg, berlin. from 2011 till now we saw people without privacy every day in the streets. i was impressed by napuli, who protestet up in a tree top for a week next to the evacuated refugee camp oranienplatz. you'll find a spread about cuvrybrache, kotti and many homeless people living in the public space.

moki mioke kreuzberg comic spring

kreuzberg comic moki mioke spring



the rainbow 8/2/2015

"one day i dreamed that the rainbow showed up after raining, but it didn't have any colors and i was the only one capable of coloring it." (a dream from a boy in mexico)

roger omar collects dreams of children. artists from all over the world interpret them.
watch more on flickr

moki dream illustration

moki rainbow illustration



"bowery bird" 4/12/2014

musican 'KiRRiN iSLAND' produced a little zine with this and other comics about his alter ego. you find his music here. to read the short comic click on the pictures.


bowery bird moki kirrin island comic

bowery bird moki comic



"don't wake daddy" 13/11/2014

three new paintings for the annual groupshow "don't wake daddy"at feinkunst krüger hamburg. visit the website here.

don't wake daddy feinkunst krüger moki

DWD moki feinkunstkrueger


nils frahm - music video 11/9/2014

nils frahms "screws reworked" competition inspired me to a video. actually i did two.
visit nils frahm's homepage

video to RE from nils frahm's album 'screws'



work in progress 4/9/2014

i'm working on paintings for archimedes gallery oregon usa. see more pictures on flickr.

mioke moki


work in progress moki mioke



series of 6 paintings for osaka, japan 30/6/2014

these paintings will be shown in a group exhibtion in osaka, japan in december 2014.
you will
find more pictures on flickr.

paintings moki mioke



WALDEN exhibition running in berlin 15/5/2014

gallery bergwasser is presenting my latest large scale acrylic paintings in berlin-charlottenburg until the 14 st of june. for more information (ger & eng) visit their website! here are some pictures of the progress:

walden treehouse moki


moki walden making of

moki walden detail painting



new prints at nucleus 20/2/2014

nucleus released two new prints in a signed and numbered limited edition. their qualtity is amazing and i'm very happy with the result! if you would like to order prints from europe please contact me by mail.

go to nucleus to order the poster: treehouse & gravejard

moki treehouse mioke nucleus print

nucleus print moki mioke


nucleus print moki mioke

nucleus print moki mioke



trap skateboards 10/2/2014

TRAP used my painting of a homeless man who lives in berlin kreuzberg for a skateboard.

trap moki

trap moki

trap moki


comic for kirrin island 24/1/2014

the musican kirrin island asked me to draw a comic for his next tour. it's fun!


bowery bird mioke moki


mungu poster 4/12/2013

new poster with mungu available at

mungu moki



interview / tat tvam asi 4/11/2013

last week i spoke with sofia from artparasites.



time lapse painting of woodgrain 30/10/2013




hideout - pictures online 22/10/2013

the pictures of my latest solo show at nichtsalsgespenster berlin are on flickr!
the exhibition space functioned as a space where i was sewing a collection of hideout garments. the production was on view on the closing event. i will continue to finish
some ideas and show the hole collection soon.

hideout - nichtsalsgespenster



making of mungu 15/9/2013




neurotitan 21/8/2013

new sticker for an institution in berlin - neurotitan at haus schwarzenberg




tiny trifecta 29/5/2013

tara mcpherson curates "tiny trifecta" a groupshow at "the cotton candy machine" in brooklyn, NY. every artist did 3 tiny artworks which will be for sale on june 15th. for all the people who cannot go there and see the show, i did 12 original artworks that are for sale online.

mioke original edition



postcard edition 18/4/2013

for the pictoplasma exhibition i produced a postcard edition
6 images in a hand stamped brown paper envelope
7,90 euro free shipping in germany /world +3 euro

payment via paypal to m(at)
please add your shipping adress
or banktranspher (send a mail )

shelter moki



pictoplasma walk 7/4/2013

together with nina braun i'm going to have a little show in berlin - pictoplasma invites for
a walk! lokation: archive kabinett dieffenbachstr. 31 kreuzberg 10-14 april 12-20h ...come by!

wanderlust moki



shelter - postcard edition 9/12/2012

this is the first publication of my new series "shelter"
6 images in a hand stamped brown paper envelope
7,90 euro free shipping in germany /world +3 euro

payment via paypal to m(at)
please add your shipping adress
or banktranspher (send a mail )

shelter moki

click the picture to see more..



work in progress: colugo & golden mole 7/11/2012




golden mole

golden mole



rare fur-covered beasts 12/9/2012

this mammal is called okapi. it lives in the rainforests of congo. it's tongue is blue-black and so long that it can wash it's eyes with it. there is a tar-like substance leaking from the hooves that helps to communicate with other okapis in the same area.
together with rae mariz i'm working on a book about mammals. it's overwhelming to do research and find out about bats as big as bumlebees, pink milk sweating hedgehogs and blind moles covered with iridescent fur.

okapi illustration rae mariz stranger than imagination



artprint by nucleus gallery 8/2/2012

nulceus gallery from san francisco made new prints with great quality as ever!
again limited edition of 30 prints, signed and numbered. they are available on their website

nucleus print



wandering ghost 15/5/2011

a silent novel with an extra booklet in the back - published by reprodukt. out now!
look inside here! see pdf (20mb) with available paintings here!

wandering ghost

wandering ghost booklet

88 pages, black/white & color 24 x 19 cm, paperback ISBN 978-3-941099-79-1 EUR 16

order at
watch the anniversary exhibition of reprodukt and edition moderne in 360°

raum 2 detail 2

neurotitan 360



how to disappear 16/9/2010

gingko press will publish an artist book with paintings from the last 3 years.
(click here for preview) there is a text component with poems, quotations and texts from philosopher byung-chul han, the russian authors arkardy & boris strugatzky and thom yorke from radiohead. the book is printed in germany to make sure working conditions are fine.
check the publishers site to order it when it's out - gingko press

140 pages, Hardcover, 11'' x 8 ¾'' (279x222 mm) english $ 29.95 ISBN: 978-1-58423-417-3

gingko press how to disappear


LOW no. 6 27/7/2010

low magazine



eraser - edition 9/5/2010

booklet from paintings on wood available.


new print 29/3/2010

nulceus made new prints. they will be available soon at their website.

print moki nucleus



the beetobee net - catalog 24/3/2010

finally a new publication from the bee to bee collectiv. this catalogs shows works from anneli schütz, akane kimbara, naho kawabe, lily wittenburg, birgit wudtke and me. you will find a group interview from lu yen roloff and a text by volker lang, who invited us to kunstlerhaus sootbörn.

b2b catalog



modart book 20/3/2010

yesterday i was at hinterconti where christina gransow is showing her great drawings. i had a talk with rolf from druckdealer. he said i've seen works of you in the modart book. i was surprised but i found out it's true!

modart book



theme park 17/1/2010

"atlaskvarteren" is a quarter in stockholm. currently i'm staying here to work on my application for the hamburg based comic anthology orang. the theme for the next issue is: "atlas".

atlas comic

atlas comic detail


cry for help 20/12/2009

thinkspace is a gallery from los angeles. this january they are organising a benefit show. i will take part with the painting below.

‘Born Free USA’ is a dynamic U.S. based not-for-profit that is working to change animals’ lives for good throughout the USA and around the world. Working with their partner organization, the UK-based Born Free Foundation (founded by the stars of the legendary film, Born Free, Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna) they help protect some of the world’s most endangered and threatened species as well as educate the general public about the impact their choices can have on animal welfare and conservation. They also rescue individual animals from cruelty and exploitation.
thinkspace will donate 20% from all works sold to ‘Born Free USA’ to help aid in the plight of those species that are currently endangered and those close to joining the list.

opening january th 8th (jan 8th - feb 5th)

cry for help picture


drawing with japanese brush-pen 23/10/2009

the gallery feinkustkrüger will show drawings from internatinala artists:
Anthony Ausgang, Anthony Pontius, Brendan Danielsson, Brendan Monroe, Danielle de Picciotto, Dan May, Eric White, Femke Hiemstra, Fred Stonehouse, Gary Baseman, Gastón Liberto, Gregory Hergert, Heiko Müller, Jason Limon, John Casey, Marcus Schäfer, Mark Elliott, Martin Wittfooth, Matt Lock, Mitch Blunt, Moki, Nando Vivas, Paul Chatem, Sergio Mora, The Horror aka Daniel Cantrell, Travis Louie, Van Arno, Wolfgang Sangmeister
5.12 - 23.12 in hamburg



work in progress 17/10/2009

recently i finish the last paintings for a book i like to publish. here is a work in progress picture - showing the gorgeous tjøn! thank you very much for your help and trust!

making of



artotale 13/10/2009

last week was artotale in lüneburg/germany. a project by rik reinking and the university of lüneburg. together with 1010 and 33 other artists i took part in this great project. you will find photographs by just here.

1010 wallpainting

artotale with 1010, 56K, Herbert Baglione, Adam & Akay, Jay One,Akim, Loomit, Alex Diamond, Mirko Reisser (DAIM), Almut Linde, Ben Eine, Pius Portmann, Boxi, SKKI, Brad Downey, Swoon, Bronco, Evol, Tilt, Daniel Man, Trica 186, Dave the Chimp, Tryone, DTAGNO, Victor Ash, Vitché & Jana, Faith47, Wim Delvoye, Flying Förtress, Zevs, Herakut, Zezao


strapazin - places of oblivion 30/9/2009

hey comicfriends! the new issue of strapazin is published - theme: places of oblivion. inside you will find comics from great artists like ignacio garcia sanchez, anete melece, david heatley, felix diaz, nikol, peng peng, olivier schrauwen, and émile bravo.
i did some collage as illustrations. sascha hommer and kati rickenbach who have edited the recent issue have choosen one of my latest painting as cover.

strapazin cover moki

strapazin inhaltsverzeichnis


designs for trap 23/9/2009

i've designed a skateboard and some t-shirts for the label TRAP. you will find a shy fox, a cake shaped like a ramp and caterpillar transforming into a moth in their online-catalog fall '09.

trap deck

15 quadrat 16/9/2009

15quadrat is a non-profit project for pupils by kunstclub hamburg. i've painted 3 little pictures for them. take a look at their site here:


interview and upcoming show in california 2/8/2009

amanda erlanson has published an interview on her blog erratic phenomena. there you can see some of the new paintings i'll present in my show "bunker underground" at jack fischer gallery, san francisco. it runs from 6th of august until 19th of september.
erratic phenomena

bunker underground



tu.tu.blu summer season 2010 31/7/2009

tu.tu.blu is a fashion label from london. they are going to design clothes inspired by children's games for summer season 2010. i was able to do a collaborative project with them. for catching a glimpse at the repeat print click on the sketch.



the bee to bee net at künstlerhaus sootbörn 17/7/2009

..this exhibtion runs until next sunday and ends with a filmprogram curated by masayo kajimura! visit us in niendorf! presenting works by naho kawabe, akane kimbara, anneli schütz, birgit wudtke, lily wittenburg and moki

we will publish a catalog of this exhibtion at the end of this year !
11.-26.7.2009 /open every day from 15h - 18h / künstlerhaus sootbörn, sootbörn 22, hamburg




nucleus prints 10/6/2009

nucleus gallery from alhambra near an francisco has published a limited edition of the painting below. its printed with 8-color process on velvet fine art paper.

nucleus gallery



fruchtblitzcrew 6/6/2009

boingdoing clinkclong: with eleven great people we've painted the frontwall of kampnagel - a dance and performance theater in hamburg. check out the little animation we did!



barcelona 15/5/2009

someone in barcelona has painted the same girl i put on the flyer for our last show in barcelona at iguapop - wow

barcelona painting


mume 16/12/2008

recently my latest paintings are shown in hamburg at heliumcowboy artspace. the exhibition is called "mume". you can see the pictures until the 16th of january or online at the galleries site. i made some process takes while painting the last picture for the exhibition..



the upset 1/11/2008

there was a bookrelease from berlin based gestalten-verlag lately. "the upset" shows mostly figurative and narrative works. i was able to show some works on a double page, too.



the endemic manual 25/07/2008

dear friends of nature,
a team of explorers has lately discovered an ecological niche where a huge amont of strange creatures has found an island position to rest. what these six scientists have detected is so special and so rare that they instantly wrote a guideline through the breathtaking place of nature listing the endemic beings - microscopic or monstrous, dangerous or chummily.

this kooky book (with 900 colored images) will be offered for free to all visitors of the dockville-festival in hamburg because the spot where the ecological recess is located is straight beside the festival area!

from the left to the right: Clemens Klanghorn, Émilie Mollusca, Die Siamesischen Zwillingshiltons Rockefeller, Haina Jones & Sigmund Lachs



flimflamfruits 21/07/2008

you can flimflam with these fruits.. take a look at the latvian comic magazine called kush!




bee to bee booklet 13/06/2008

the international group from bee to bee has published their first booklet. in 60 pages we show the similarities and reciprocal interference of artists from hongkong, japan and germany: akane kimbara, hanne frank, naho kawabe, vik lai, moki, beatrix pang, lily wittenburg, and birgit wudtke, text by lu yen roloff. the cover is handmade and different on every booklet.

you can order the b2b booklet by sending an email to m°a°
handmade cover, 60 pages, black/white, 6euro + shipping



shake your tree 14/04/2008

shake your tree no.3
188 pages in colour, with cd from "the discoghosts"



wordless patchy fog upon lands of fact and fancy 03/04/2008

for our exhibition in spain lily wittenburg and i created a twist-around catalog with the works shown at the iguapop gallery/barcelona .



das ende der welt 15/03/2008

the latest issue of orang is released. international comicartist show their view of the end of the world. take a look at



dokonimo nai 28/12/2007

the young label "we are visual" from hamburg has published a 50 pieces limited screenprint edition of my poster called "dokonimo nai" (jap. for nowhere). all posters are numbered and handsigned - size is about 70x50 cm.

below you can see a detail, to see the whole picture take a look at flickr


oskar ohlson "honk, bang whistle and crash" 14/11/2007

oskar ohlson is a musican from mainz/germany. his first album called "honk, bang whistle and crash" will be released in december.