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SPRING #19 'SCHEITERN' 22/8/2022

the 19th issue of SPRING has the topic FAILURE (SCHEITERN). Contributing artists are Maki Shimizu, Nadine Pedde, Julia Bernhard, Katrin Stangl, Birgit Weyhe, Maren Amini, Romy Blüml, Almuth Ertl, Katharina Kulenkampff, Carolin Löbbert, marialuisa, moki, Nina Pagalies & Stephanie Wunderlich

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spring 19

spring 19 shadyslope




SPRING #18 'FREIHEIT' 29/8/2021

the 18th issue of SPRING has the topic FREEDOM (FREIHEIT). this time with stories by Maren Amini, Larissa Bertonasco, Romy Blüml, Almuth Ertl, Doris Freigofas, Moshtari Hilal, Katharina Kulenkampff, Carolin Löbbert, marialuisa, moki, Karina Tungari & Stephanie Wunderlich

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spring 18

i took part with three stories: IN DESPAIR, IN LIMBO & IN MY MIND

spring moki

spring moki

spring moki



SPRING #17 'GESPENSTER' 18/9/2020

the 17th issue of SPRING has the topic GESPENSTER (GHOSTS). this time with stories by Anke Feuchtenberger, Mari Kanstad-Johnsen, Inga Kählke, Sarah Mazzetti, Doris Freigofas, Katharina Gschwendtner, Romy Blümel, marialuisa, moki, Nina Pagalies, Katrin Stangl, Kati Szilagyi, Larissa Bertonasco, Birgit Wehye & Stephanie Wunderlich 

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special: NIGHT-GLOW COVER!!!!

i was able to draw / paint two stories for this issue –
"SPOOKY" which asks for the reason to turn into a ghost? i was thinking of the early death of Genevièv Castrée (in 2016 with 35 years) & Margaret Kilgallen (in 2001 with 34 years)

spooky moki

for my sequence "DEVIL'S HOLE" i have painted acrylic pictures and reworked them for the due-tone pantone publication with airbrush backgrounds.

devilshole moki


SPRING #16 'SEX/GENDER' 4/9/2019

the 16th issue of SPRING deals with questions of SEX and GENDER. this time with stories by Larissa Bertonasco, Aisha Franz, Doris Freigofas, Jul Gordon, Katharina Gschwendtner, Carolin Löbbert, marialuisa, moki, Nina Pagalies, Nadine Redlich, Katrin Stangl, Kati Szilagyi, Birgit Wehye & Stephanie Wunderlich 

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spring 16

i have been drawing/painting on two stories:
"MUGELKENSCHEN by Darton Plawin" which is a word twist of KUGEL-MENSCHEN (spherical beings), a story by planton. this legend is visually mixing up with darwin's theoriy of evolution and the upcoming of sexual reproduction.

spring16 moki

the second story is called "WHERE I END & YOU BEGIN" after a song by radiohead –ten paintings about the idea of coming together and forming a collective body.

spring16 moki


SUMPFLAND 5/5/2019

my graphic novel SUMPFLAND is published by reprodukt
hardcover / 168 pages on munken paper/ 2 pantone colors / german/ 20euro
For everyone who orders a book at (m (at) takes part in a lottery for an acrylic painting (more info

I'd like to thank you Dirk Rehm, Lily Wittenburg, Romy Blümel, Ada & Aki, Sascha Hommer, Arne Bellstorf, Nina Pagalies, Julius Hartung, Jesse Kraft, Christina Röckl, Thorsten Pütz, Gottfried Gusenbauer, Sabine Güldenfuß, Emma Åkerman & Yoichi

I'm dedicating this book to my brother Thomas. When we were kids we were sitting in his room reading and drawing. He said he would draw comics as an adult. I said "me too".

The novel is about complexity. Stories are woven into each other. Parallels appear, new connections are made and causality dissolves. A rhizomatic network about love & death, relationship & community, critique of the system & search for meaning. You will find abstract dancing patterns and human like characters, talking plants and dreaming giants, shape shifters, animals & smart snowflakes. Narrated trough classic panel and freely associative drawings.

click here for an overview ->

sumpfland moki

sumpfland overview



SPRING #15 'WORK' 29/8/2018

the latest issue of SPRING presents 13 different views on the topic of 'WORK' by Larissa Bertonasco, Romy Blümel, Doris Freigofas, Jul Gordon, Katharina Gschwendtner, Friederike Hantel, Carolin Löbbert, moki, Nina Pagalies, Paula Partzsch, Katrin Stangl, Birgit Weyhe & Stephanie Wunderlich
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spring 15 arbeit

spring 15 arbeit

i was drawing two short stories about my first job as a "dishwasher" and "the wall" a story about class society, social marginalisation and work

spring 15 arbeit

spring 15 arbeit




a booklet of the comic story "the careless kind" is no available /28 pages in color / size A6 printed on matt paper / edition of 250 / 4euro + shipping / order via mail to m at





i am drawing on the comic story DISHWASHER for the upcoming 15th issue of the SPRING anthology presenting works from 14 femal artists about the topic 'WORK'.



endlich 18! 5-1-2018

new comic about growing up for the first edition 2018 of the newspaper TAZ


kopffüssler 23-11-2017

drawing on a comic story about growing up for TAZ - work in progress

TAZ moki comic workinprogress


unkraut 2-7-2017

a story told in picture puzzles (wimmelbilder) presenting community and gardening projects. for example 'gecekondu' a traffic refuge between the eastern and western part of berlin squatted in the 80ies - still existing and accepted. the picture story is printed in the SPRING anthology #14 "yo, future!"

unkraut spring moki

unkraut spring moki


the bilk 2-7-2017

"the bilk" is now printed in spring #14. i would like to do an animated video for a piano piece of the musican LAMBERT with this story.

the bilk lambert moki overview


yo, future! 2-7-2017

out now: SPRING #14 "yo, future!"
with works by: Almuth Ertl, Carolin Löbbert, Cynthia Kittler, Edith Carron, Eva Revolver,
Gabriela Jolowicz, Johanna Benz, Katia Fouquet, Laura Edelbacher, marialuisa, Marijpol,
moki, Paula Partzsch, Romy Blümel, Stephanie Wunderlich, Tiziana Jill Beck
preface by Lu Yen Roloff

216 pages, softcover, language: english & german, ISBN 978-3-938539-46-0, 20euro
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spring #14 future


unkraut & the bilk 22-3-2017

i'm drawing two comic stories for the next issue of the spring anthology #14 - you find a sketch of "unkraut" a portrait of a neighbour who takes care of the fallow grounds in the big shopping street in hamburg ..and a glimps of
"the bilk" which combines an old character of mine with the character of the musican lambert

unkraut skizze moki comic


skizze comic moki


neighbours 26-9-2016

my latest comic is called NEIGHBOURS, as well as the first issue of a magazine for kids we are working on - more information soon!
here you see some sketches for the story. to read the finished story click on "neighbours" on the left side

neighbours sketches moki

neighbours sketches moki

neighbours sketches moki

neighbours sketches moki


hamburg map 27-8-2016

i made a map for the city of hamburg. you'll find it at the tourist information.

explore hamburg

explore hamburg map

wall painting with mawil 15-6-2016

modern graphics has a new store at kastanienallee 79 berlin. mawil and i did a wall painting for the corner representing all reprodukt comics. come by to find some fantastic new books!



spring #13 2-6-2016

the new SPRING is available at mairisch verlag. it is called "the elephant in the room". i drew this page for the gallery feinkunst krüger with my 5 year old colleague rita.



jim avignon's coloring book for refugee kids 16-3-2016

jim avignon financed and organised a coloring book for the kids who had to leave their homes. you can support this great project by ordering a book for your own children. all profit goes to kreuzberg hilft!

jim avignon coloring book


past up 11-1-2016

poppoff & ZKE im neurotitan

the exhibition is closed but you'll find photographs here: flickr documentary


sneaking up 23-12-2015

research on "the careless kind" with jesse & rita (text)
poppoff skizze doodle comic kidspoppoff skizze doodle comic kids

interpretations of the character poppoff by my godchild jesse:

kinderzeichnung jesse poppoff

kinderzeichnung jesse poppoff

in 2009 i have drawn a panorama comic with the characters poppoff & ZKE
for the anthology orang (look for 'poppoff & ZKE' in menu top left).
i made my first pattern with these characters for a london fashion label..

..and i painted a mural in lüneburg/germany.
mural lüneburg moki

moki lüneburg mural skizze